What We Do


KENNSCOTT Limited has in its history and will in its future, commit ourselves to having Health Safety and Environmental compliance as its number one priority.

We are committed to safeguarding the Health and Safety of our human resources and clients. We do this to fulfill our moral and legal responsibilities. This fulfillment along with our ability to comply with our clients HSE commitment, has been and is essential to our business success.

We promote a culture of safety “through the line” which means that everyone has safety responsibilities attached to their jobs, this ensures all Human Resources act in a way that safeguards themselves and others around them. 


KENNSCOTT Limited has displayed its commitment by having its Health, Safety and Environment Management System Certified – SAFE TO WORK IN TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO (STOW-TT).

This certification is awarded by the The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago.
This means:
• That our HSE- Management System (MS) is compliant and recognized by the key stakeholders in the energy sector of Trinidad and Tobago. For example BPTT, BGTT, EOG Resources, National Gas Company, BHP Billiton, Atlantic LNG, PETROTRIN and others.


We Strive to Review and improve our HSE-MS a fundamental component of this is our HSE_Policy.  This document not only demonstrates our management philosophy and commitment but is also a statement of intent; means for implementation; indicates arrangements for HSE and for assessing and recording significant risks.

Specifically we ensure safety standards by:

• Working with and/or developing and implementing safety programs in conjunction with our clients and suppliers.
• Annual reviews of performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
• Self Inspection; Internal and External audits; Incident Reporting and Responses Programs
and Lessons Learnt Forums.
• Flexible Organization structure that facilitates communication and consultation with our human resources, suppliers, contractors and customers.