At KENNSCOTT, we understand that catering is more than just providing good food.

With so many things that can go wrong, it’s our responsibility that customers receive maximum value for their money and a remarkably awesome experience. From our inception ten years ago, coupled with two decades of culinary experience, we keep this principle firmly in our business operations by overcoming challenges through practical solutions.

We are excited to delight our customers with our flexible, mouth-watering menus that showcase our creativity and magical touch. We offer our off-shore clients an array of both local and international cuisine in breakfast, lunch and dinner specialties.

It is our vision to cater to the individual client by providing both local and international options, depending on which the client feels best suits the nature of their event.

Our menu also includes an assortment of succulent soups all carefully crafted to deliver a sensational taste with a high nutritional content.

All our meals are served using high quality ingredients, storage and delivery best practices according to our strict HSE priorities as well as eye-catching presentation layouts.

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