KENNSCOTT Teambuilder 2018
July 31, 2018


During Kennscott Limited’s ten years of existence and the many interviews conducted over the period the Management noticed that too many young individuals showed up unprepared to face an Interview Panel. A key component that would enable one to ace the interview process and become gainfully employed within an organisation. As a direct result of this, the management of Kennscott Limited decided to invest in our nation’s young men and women between the ages of nineteen to thirty-five years old by launching the Professional Development Program 2018. The main objective of this workshop was to coach these young persons, build their confidence as well as teach them how to secure and maintain employment. 

Our Professional Development Program was the first of its kind. It comprised four modules “The Employability Tool Kit”, “What does the Right Job Look Like?”, Preparing your Resumé” and “The Interview”. The eight-week long program commenced in July. A total of fourteen applicants were hand-picked from the community and environs to participate in this program free of charge. It must be said that though gruelling at times we can safely say that all our students were successful and elated to receive their certificate of Participation at their graduation ceremony on the 30th August 2018.


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