Every business needs to keep its customers happy but at KENNSCOTT, keeping our clients happy makes us happy.

We are a people-centred, safety conscious service provider and hospitality is part of who we are. We view the hospitality arm of our portfolio as the process of managing the physical environment in which our customers reside, relax and retire daily.

Making our mark in Trinidad & Tobago’s energy sector, it’s is our priority to ensure that our customers are beyond satisfied, and high standards are always maintained in out housekeeping services.

We provide a range of housekeeping services to Jack-up rigs, Modular drilling rigs, Oil and Gas production platforms, Workboats, and Ships including galley/kitchen cleaning, laundry cleaning, bedroom and bathroom cleaning as well as general maintenance of our client’s living or working spaces.

We define our housekeeping services to companies by timeliness, efficiency as well as human hygiene and environmental health.

To accomplish this task, we commit to the continuous training our staff to ensure that we demonstrate our care, empathy and superior service to all our clients at the highest standard.